Cheating Online Shopping – The Young Man Lost a Million Bucks on Paytm

Cheating Online Shopping

Cheating Online Shopping: This time, a young man from East Bardhaman’s memory was victimized by Paytm cheating while shopping online. An order canceled after purchase online. One lakh taka has been recovered in the three-point knowing about OTP information on the bank by calling the money back in the Paytm account. Pallab Sharma, a deceased young man from Nagpur, has filed a complaint with police about the incident. Police have started investigating the incident.

Pallababu also complained to the Paytm authorities and the concerned bank authorities. Pallababu said he had purchased a few days ago from an online shopping site called Club Factory. Later, he disliked it and canceled it long before delivery. According to the rules, the price of the goods purchased (798 rupees) will be refunded on the online site. Then on Thursday, the phone came up on Pallababur’s mobile with the name of the online site. Pallababu was asked to pay the Paytm number for the refund.

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He was then asked to send a URL and OTP to his mobile he gave it away. He was then informed that money would be deposited into his account in the evening. But the money was not refunded. The next day, last Friday, he was called by the name of the company. Pallababu is said to have received an SMS on his mobile. It is called for forwarding. In simple faith, Pallababu forwards it. Later in the morning, the fraudsters seized Tk 45,000, 40,000, 14,0000 and 999 respectively from his state-owned bank account.

Cheating Online Shopping

Pallababur fell into the sky after receiving a message to withdraw money. He contacted the Paytm authorities. Make a written complaint at that company. Besides, he also filed a written complaint to the bank authorities of the bank account from which the money was recovered. Pallabababu has filed a complaint in the memory police station. Police said an investigation has begun. The cyber ​​police force is getting help.

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