China expels journalists – in writing against China Three Wall Street Journal Reporters

China expels journalists: China has announced the expulsion of three journalists from the influential US daily The Wall Street Journal for publishing an editorial criticizing China. The expelled Wall Street Journal reporters are three journalists – Yash Chin (American citizen), Chao Deng (American citizen) and Philip Wen (Australian citizen), vice president of Beijing bureau of the magazine.

China expels journalists

In a statement on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that the editorial of The Wall Journal earlier this month criticized China. The title is ‘China is the Real Seek Man of Asia’. In such a title, China has been short-sighted in front of the world. Therefore, the approval of the three journalists working in that newspaper in China will be revoked.

China expels journalists

However, the three journalists have no connection with the editorial. The New York Times reports that Walter Russell Mead, a New York-based Bird College professor, wrote the editorial in the Wall Street Journal. Where he criticized China’s role in combating coronavirus originating there. In addition, there was also the context of the plight of the country’s economic market.

China expels journalists

It is important to note that in the nineteenth century the term ‘Six-Man of Europe’ was used to describe the fragile economy of the Ottoman Empire. This time Walter Russell used the term to describe the state of the Chinese economy. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal publishing company, Dow Jones & Company, has not made any formal comment on the expulsion of journalists.

China expels journalists

However, Chinese officials have said that the magazine will be lifted if the newspaper formally apologizes for the editorial. They demanded that the Wall Street Journal admit their grave mistake and confirm investigations and punishments against those responsible. Otherwise, the country’s foreign ministry has warned that China will be in a tougher position against the magazine.

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This is not the first Wall Street Journal reporter’s expulsion in China. Authorities expelled Chun Han Wong from China’s mainland a few months ago. Chun Han Wong was expelled after writing an article about a relative of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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