Complex Surgery Underway – In brain, War Torn Patient Playing In The bed

Complex Surgery Underway

Complex Surgery Underway: Many patients began to worry about hearing about the surgery. Physicians try to alleviate their anxiety in various ways. But this is completely the opposite. Anxiety is far away, a woman in Tippanner went viral on her own while undergoing tumor surgery. Recently, this video of an exceptional patient went viral on social media. The physicians, who were surprised to see the netizens as well. This is also possible, many are raising questions.

Complex Surgery Underway

The woman, named Dagmar Turner, has a tumor nesting near the frontal lobe on the right side of her brain. So he is undergoing treatment in a nursing home in Europe. The physician is a professor at King’s College. He lost all his powers for a malignant tumor. Doctors had no choice but to exclude those tumors with a difficult surgery. So they made that decision. The doctor has previously said that it is not possible to guarantee that the surgery will be successful. Dagmar himself knew that.

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But he could not tolerate the anxiety of surgery. Instead, the patient was very happy at the operation table. When the doctors are trying hard to heal the patient, the patient is playing the violin in his mind. That is how the surgery went. The video has gone viral on social media. Who is increasing the number of likes and comments? The vitality of the patient surprised everyone. Netizens also wish Dagmar wellness.
Doctors say the surgery was successful. 90% percent of the tumors were excluded.

Dagmar is currently recovering. But why did Dagmar focus on the violin during surgery? “From the age of ten, I play the violin,” he said. Behalai is my addiction. I was really scared when I heard there was enough risk in the surgery. But thanks to the doctors. They worked hard to heal me. ” Many people become terrified at times of complex illnesses. So they do not want to cure the disease, instead, they get sicker. Dagmar is the only motivation for those suffering from a serious illness.

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