Coronavirus antibody Titer – is discovered within a month

Coronavirus Antibody Titer

Coronavirus antibody Titer: The deadly coronavirus has so far killed 2,112 people worldwide. In all, the number of people affected is 75,725. Even when the virus is going to become an epidemic, scientists are not able to give much good news to find out its antidote. A few days ago, the World Health Organization said virologists were working to prevent coronavirus. And they will have to succeed for another 18 months.

Coronavirus Antibody Titer 

Meanwhile, a scientist at Oxford University in the UK has claimed that the deadly virus is likely to be discovered within the next month, not just 18 months. Some scientists are giving relentless labor in preparing this antidote to a laboratory in Italy. Sarah Gilbert, a professor at the Zen Institute, a preventive research agency, said several scientists are working to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The antidote will be ready soon. Initially, at least one thousand doses of the antibiotic will be used.

Coronavirus Antibody Titer

It is to be noted that this group of scientist was researching to fight the spread of MARS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012. Now they are using that experience. Professor Sarah Gilbert said that Covid-19 and Mars are the same tribe’s virus. One of the characteristics of their behavior and agility is also. So we will be successful here by utilizing the experience of testing with MARS.

That is, by using technology that works well for all other coronaviruses, we have reduced the time we have to prepare for a ‘clinical trial’. Advent is working with us to finish this as quickly as possible. The world is seeing a lot of hope in such a statement from the Italian lab professor.

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Coronavirus Antibody Titer

The virus has already spread to at least 28 countries around the world. China’s state-run news agency Xinhua News Agency said on Wednesday that three people died. 108 people were attacked by 349. The hospital received 1209 evacuations. In all 75,725 people were affected. Therefore, experts are fearful that the damage will be limited if the antioxidant is not available soon.

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