Trump to visit India – Not bad behavior but I do like Modi by accident

Trump to visit India

Trump to visit India: Although not a very good deal from India, Narendra Modi has reportedly made his choice, said US President Donald Trump. Stating that the United States and India are working on a major trade deal, Trump said the deal would be finalized before the presidential election next November He is not sure. The Republican president is going to India on Monday for the first time on a government visit. For the past few weeks, negotiations have been underway to prepare a limited agreement to allow greater US access to India’s dairy and poultry sector. Other commodities are also expected to benefit the United States in reducing tariffs. But so far no success has been announced from either side.

There is an ambiguous complexity between the two parties. “We can make a trade deal with India,” Trump said Tuesday outside Air Force One in Maryland’s Joint Base Andrews. But I have reserved it for the next time. We are making big trade deals with India. We will do that. But whether it will end before the election; I do not know. But we will have a trade agreement with India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to build a personal relationship with Trump.

This pro-Hindu Prime Minister is making every effort to make his visit a success. He has organized a huge rally in his honor at a cricket stadium in Gujarat. We did not get a very good deal from India,” the US president said ahead of the Hello Trump event in Ahmedabad. I was very fond of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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