Agra mayor says Taj Mahal recommends shutting down monuments

Agra mayor says Taj Mahal recommends shutting down monuments

Agra mayor says Taj Mahal recommends shutting down monuments: The Mayor of Agra says that many foreign tourists come to Agra, which can increase the effects of coronavirus! Coronavirus is spreading in India gradually! Due to tourists coming from Italy affected by the Coronavirus, this deadly virus has risen dramatically! The virus is spreading from one person to another!

The number of coronary virus patients currently 31! The current situation has become such that people are being shocked when they see a foreign person! This is why the Mayor of Agra recommends temporarily closing the Taj Mahal.

Mayor Naveen Jain recommends closing all historical monuments for tourists only in the heart of the Taj Mahal! The Mayor of Agra says that every year, many foreign tourists visit Agra, so there is a possibility of coronavirus outbreak! Until the situation comes to hand, I will request the Government of India to temporarily close all historical monuments in the country, including the Taj Mahal!

The government of Uttar Pradesh has taken special steps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus! Agra mayor says Taj Mahal recommends shutting down Special medical and surveillance and disease control system has been strengthened! The Government of India has monitored a total of 2915 tourists from other countries affected by the Coronavirus! Out of these 2915 people, a total of 713 tourists are perfectly healthy! 708 tourists have been isolated because of symptoms such as the coronavirus! Among the tourists infected with the Coronavirus, those who have shown symptoms of the disease, are currently being provided medical care at various hospitals! And they are so healthy right now.

Coronavirus spreads from Wuhan City, China in December 2019! So far the virus has spread to 60 countries in total! And now 90,000 people are infected with this coronavirus! In India, the number of people infected with this coronavirus is increasing! Currently, the number has risen to 31! He has been closely monitored in 21 major cities of the country!

All the airports in the country are being tested! So far six lakh people have been tested early in various airports in the country in the last two months!

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