The 100-year-old victim of the Coronavirus fights to succeed

Coronavirus fights:-The birthplace of coronavirus is China. At present, the death toll in China is over 3,000! The virus has spread to 105 countries around the world! With the death of 366 people, Italy is almost stunned. Currently, Iran’s death toll exceeds 244! How could a 100-year-old coroner be infected with the virus, but the fight has come to fruition.

Coronavirus fights

Looking at China and Italy, the horrors of the Coronavirus can be quite understandable! This virus attacks those who are a little older and suffering from heart disease! Such a situation is heard in China! In China, 100-year-old Corona suffers from a virus and has returned healthy. The 100-year-old victim of the Coronavirus On February 24th, a 100-year-old man was hospitalized with the coronavirus! Eri swallowed this panic in the middle of China to India! In this situation, a message of hope is heard in China’s 100-year-old recovery.

Coronavirus fights

The day the 100-year-old was admitted to the hospital, 80 more people were infected with the cornea virus! But this dirty virus could not suppress that old man !! The old man finally comes home healthy! Such an event is undoubtedly an important event during this danger.
At present, the number of people infected with Coronavirus in India is increasing! recovered! And now in India, 43 people are waiting for their well-being.

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