Five young men of Bengal invented a special device to protect women!

Five young men of Bengal invented a special device to protect women!

Five young men of Bengal: The fear-mongering massacre in Delhi is behind the discovery that began almost 7 years ago! Since then, this machine has been working in the North 24 Parganas Biswara Research Laboratory! Today, these five boys have made this discovery to protect women! The device has been enhanced such that live video, audio, the recording will continue to play whenever a crime occurs! And if the people who go to this link or message will be active, it will be possible to catch criminals! It is currently reported that an attempt is being made to update this device!

The ones who invented this device are ion de. Sukrita Bhattacharya is a student of the far-right Luxenburg study, a student of the Department of Information Technology, Kolkata University. And the three are Arijit Das Sourav Das and Rahul Dutt who are students of Computer Science! The five together have created this machine in Biswara Laboratory!

These five have become very worried about the safety of women since the fearless scandal in Delhi! The five of them combined to create a device that will help us catch criminals from all these activities on the spot! This device looks like a smartwatch or band or neck locket! There is a button on this device that goes with it when you give it, and those who wait for this signal will get to the spot very easily! Again if the word comes out in the face of danger then this machine will work! Also, if your heartbeat is too high, this device will still get the signal!

It is learned that even if there is no interest signal, the video will continue to be recorded inside the device when it receives the signal and then start sending its message! It has been reported that many private businesses are running to buy this machine but these five do not want to sell it! They will use this device for the benefit of women!

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