The chicken is not being sold in the terror of the Coronavirus

The chicken is not being sold in the terror of the Coronavirus! Seller is giving away free onion eyes to the buyer:-Traders are giving onions to sell chicken! Onion prices were skyrocketing a few days ago, buyers had a hand in the head! And to match the skyscraper onion free! The chicken is not sold in the terror of the Coronavirus! And that’s why sellers are giving onions free to catch the eye of buyers!

In most places of Kolkata, chicken prices have come down! The price of the chicken that was from 150 rupees to 160 rupees, half the price of chicken! But there is no buyer. The chicken is not being sold in the terror of the Coronavirus And in this situation, the sellers have chosen a new path! If you consume 1 kg of chicken, you will get 250 grams of onion for free.

But still, no one agrees to buy meat in the horror of this Coronavirus! But sometimes a shopper is seen in the shop area for free onions! And where a few days ago, over 100kg of meat was sold every day and the sale of meat there was almost stopped. The world is spreading various news about deadly coronavirus in the world! Most of which are baseless! Some have spread panic on social media from broiler chickens or spread the coronavirus! And some false videos appear to prove it! Due to which the common people are getting scared.

Meanwhile, the West Bengal Poultry Federation remarks that chicken has nothing to do with the coronavirus! Yet the general public can not be trusted! As a result, the demand for meat has not increased that much! Polti Federation has requested the state and necessary action! According to the poultry federation estimates, in the last three weeks, rumors of junk boiler chicken sales have dropped by 40 percent in the last three weeks.

When the racket came public two years ago, the polity industry had a lot of impacts! And now in the night of the horror of the Coronavirus, the demand for chicken is greatly reduced! The poultry industry was damaged by the loss of 400 million rupees! This time the money could be printed on the apprehension poultry federation.


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