Starting an online business can be a difficult task. But not as hard as you think.

In this post, I will show anyone who reads how to start an online business where they can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in a month.

You do not need an investor, you do not need a team, you need only a few hours of your time. Everyone can.

Step 1: Get 1-2 hours per day free for your new freelance business
If you do not have time, set a different time. Instead of watching junk reality TV shows, focus on your new online business.

If you spend an hour browsing Facebook and Instagram – halve your social media addiction and spend your new time in your new business.

The thing is, you can always find time. We are all at the same time, 24 hours a day. You do this so that you can invest that time in an online business.

Step 2: Choose a freelance type
Here are some ideas:

Writing articles
graphic design
Coding / programming
Virtual help
Social media posting / marketing
online marketing
Search Engine Optimization / Link Building
Accounting / Accounting Status
Data input / spreadsheet function
… and countless others
Remember that you do not need to be an expert. You will be charged entry-level prices for entry-level work. You can start from the bottom and charge only a small price. You can increase the price by gaining more skills. Anyone who reads it can do basic work with all of the above.

Do not be one of those people who say that they cannot sell essay writing services because they do not have experts. If you have an English class in your life, you have the ability to charge at least $ 5 per article. No one expected the value of gold to be $ 5. They expect copper to be the best. Over time you can offer gold and recover the price of gold.

To find out what kind of services you can easily market online, check out these freelance sites:

Freelancer. Com
Master. Com

Step 3: Register with Freelance Sites
By signing up with the above freelance sites you will be able to attract customers who pay for these services. If you are relatively new to this field, you can charge as little as $ 5 to complete a job for someone with a fever.

See what other individuals are doing and how they are doing. Post as a freelancer to see the answer. Get a fellow freelancer to get some tips on what works for them. Freelancers are also a type of bonding habits that work with each other, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

As you improve your skills you can start raising prices. I recommend being honest with people about what your skills are at the time. Do not try to charge hundreds of dollars if you have not done so before. Increase the price with gaining experience and your review will help you to quote those prices.

Step 4: Focus on doing a good job and getting quality reviews
When you are done with the extra work, ask your customers to review you. You can increase the price when you get additional reviews. You will also get more customers when you get more quality reviews. This is a win / win.

Make sure you are committed and over-supplied. Many people misunderstand expectation and are subject to childbirth, thus it is a bad assessment. Do less than what was promised. This leads to high expectations and poor ratings.

If the customer does not leave a review, just ask. Another way to help you sell and get good reviews is to explain to the customer that you are new, but work to make your tail cheaper and stronger to get a good review. Do this several times and review the quality.

Step 5: Expand your business from freelance site
People are often asked what the next step is after a freelance site. So, there are several options:

Set up your own website and sell similar services on freelance cut sites without paying. You can start it by getting your own web hosting and domain name, allowing you to create a site with free tools like WordPress.
Expand into a new business for you. Instead of hiring customers, practice the skills learned in your own project.
Freelancing kicks can be measured relatively more by increasing the value. Instead of paying $ 5 for 100 customers, you may have to pay $ 100 for 5 customers. This way you can handle more jobs and pay more.
Freelancing is a great way to start an online business. Having an initial customer base and capacity base, the possibilities are endless. Money is also infinite. Many people have measured freelancing for full agencies and large companies.

You can also do freelancing when you have a full time job. If you have an hour or two before or after work (everyone should find out) you can invest that time in your freelance business. Before you know it, you may have an extra extra income or something else that can completely change your 9-5.

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