How millennials are discovering the empowerment of investing by app

Commercial sharing is on the rise, and younger generations are driving it. According to a study, three-quarters of people under the age of 40 are thinking of investing in the near future, and the stock markets have suffered the worst effects of the epidemic by a new generation of retailers.

There are a number of reasons for this rise in popularity in trading. In part, it is lower in interest rates, making savings less attractive. Then there is the Covid epidemic, which has given people more time to research the markets and gain an understanding of the trade news that has become part of the daily news. But most of all, it depends on how easy it is these days to open an account in a trading platform. A new generation of apps has opened up a frustrating world of stocks and shares to people, just a decade ago, who probably never thought of investing as an option.

What a difference these ten years have made. It is not long before commercialization is considered a well-maintained and well-connected resource. Stock markets were seen as too difficult for most people, and the gatekeepers of Wall Street or the City of London – established investment banks and trading firms that traded on behalf of clients – cost a lot of money to gain their knowledge and expertise.

Besides, as it turns out, their technology was not so important after all. When the markets crashed in 2008, no one saw it coming. Investment firms and their clients have lost money.

Twelve years onwards and anyone can invest in stocks and shares from an easy-to-use smartphone app. Cost is low, and user experience is what people expect in digital technology. We are all accustomed to ordering taxis, paying bills and booking trips with a few taps on the smartphone screen. Investing in stocks in the same way is just the next logical step.

Also familiar to us over the last decade is social media. Also, our use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc … has emerged over time. We no longer just connect with friends on social media, join groups, follow people with interesting ideas or communicate with professional information, and use these platforms to increase our understanding of areas of interest.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that people are now fascinated by a new wave of investment platforms that combine the simplicity and ease of use of the smartphone app with the social media experience.

These platforms are empowering, allowing investors to develop their own styles and define their own risk-taking strategies. They incorporate automation, allowing users to make their own decisions and make their own. At the same time, they allow everyone to benefit from the shared investment community experience.

How does all that work? Take eToro, the world’s most popular investment platform. EToro comes with all the ease of use and cost to the investment app, eliminating traditional barriers to entry.

You can set up an eToro account in minutes by making a deposit of just $ 200 (or equivalent in other currencies). You can trade in a variety of products, including goods, investments and, in turn, invest in stocks – 100% commission free. Everything is handled with an easy-to-use app, with a simple withdrawal process.

But what really separates eToro from the other is its job of recommending it as a social media platform for investors. When you sign up for eToro, you successfully tap into the combined information of millions of users from all over the world. The platform converts that comprehensive information into effective investment tools.

For example, if you are new to investing you can simply copy the example of other users who may be more knowledgeable and successful. The CopyTrader tool helps you find traders with similar investment ambitions or risky attitudes like you, and allows you to direct their activities.

It is entirely up to you how much risk you put yourself in this way, and how long you have been following other traders. And it’s not just a good way to imitate successful investors, it’s also a great way to improve your style. Watching good investors make smart decisions is a course of investment crash in the stock market.

The social aspect does not end there. EToro users receive a customized feed feed, which allows you to follow markets with your favorite users and interact with other community members. You can post your own reviews and comment on the reviews of others. It is a great way to learn more about investing, as well as to have fun.

In other words, this is exactly what thousands of years have been looking for in a digital app. It allows them to participate, learn and develop, and gives them complete control of the process. And it puts them at the heart of a community of people with similar interests. By providing a new way of investing in the priorities of thousands of years and generations, eToro makes investing a career for many, rather than a few.

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