How technology is helping to empower eBay sellers

EBay has released new data in a US study showing how their tools and technologies empower marketers to grow in the market.

According to eBay, their technology helps marketers not only work in markets but also use tools and data to grow and prosper. Despite the difficult year, more than half of eBay sellers have grown their businesses in the market by 2020, in part thanks to eBay’s latest tools and products.

Terapeak is a research tool that provides sellers with valuable insight into the eBay market and is available through the eBay merchant hub. 32% of retailers using Terapeak have increased their (total) businesses significantly by 2020 compared to 23% of retailers who have never used this tool.

“We are committed to partnering with retailers at all times in our market, from the closest to the short-term needs to the long-term vision to help small and medium entrepreneurs grow and prosper. Our goal is to continue to innovate and create tools that help increase vendor knowledge, make them as easy, as competitive and as smooth as possible as we give our vendors success. ”

  • Harry Temkin, VP’s VP for Seller Experience

New tools and technologies
The new eBay technology helps to meet the current needs of sellers. The study found that 52% of retailers use the Enhanced List, which allows retailers to improve the visibility of their listings; and 40% take advantage of Time Away, allowing retailers to update their listings and protect their delivery record while on vacation or off-sales. And more than a third of respondents said the consumer supply chain had a very positive impact on their business by 2020.

Shipping (81%), pricing (66%), customer information (65%) and efficiency listing (65%) are the areas where eBay tools are most helpful in maintaining and growing their businesses.

Future tools and technology
According to a survey, 72% of retailers surveyed believe that having technical applications and features that support shipping can go a long way in growing their business in the future, followed by a list of management tools (61%) and price tools (59%). Other merchant tools that they say are important for the future growth of their business include tools that enhance the visual appeal of their eBay store (45%), marketing reporting tools (34%) and insight tools that provide data dashboard about merchant businesses (30%) – all features that help sellers grow business those.

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