If you are both types who want to complain, you can make your complaints in a constructive way, rather than landing with a high-paying customer.

I have always been a big believer in providing feedback whether I ask for it or not. Doing it online is easier than doing it in person.

If you are a person who wants to give constructive feedback, read this post as it will help you land a high paying advice kick, advice role or even a job.

Many years ago, I came to know that not many people commented on products online. I contacted a company that wanted to give some feedback and they told me that I had only given useful feedback from many customers.

I eventually found out that everyone complained about being unstructured because they had a trait that a lot of people didn’t like.

I gradually learned to format my opinion to provide a solution to their problem. This is how my brain works, I think of solutions to problems.

But the difference between a successful entrepreneur and an entrepreneur that is never available – basically to keep the balls and make your solution a reality.

An easy way to test your simplicity and your solution is to provide feedback for other companies’ products and services.

It is a best practice to be an entrepreneur and run your own business.

See if companies can come up with your idea or offer their solution on their platform. See why they do what they shouldn’t, and if you can trust them how your approach works best. let them.

It is a best practice to run your product or company. You will not have to spend any money to do this and it will take some time to send your feedback.

How do I send my feedback to companies?

Facebook news
Twitter dm
Phone call
Linked news
How do I generate my criticism and feedback?

It should always be positive, when playing eagos, if you tell someone their product or feature is nonsense, you will be removed.

Make your comments in specific sections. Tell them which features you want to see and why. If you know others in online forums or even know friends who like those features, tell them about it too.

The important part here is to tell them why and ensure that it will be what most of their user sites want.

One of my mail applications does not have a “send later” feature, so I sent comments. But not after realizing that that feature likes a ton of others. I make sure to point it out to everyone, most importantly why I like it, how I want to keep it or choose any other mail application. Now the feature has been created.

How do I get money from my response?

I charge a consulting fee. Sometimes I also get equity.

The trick is to send feedback without expecting any change! This is the number game. People will not send you a check for feedback until you become a valuable continuing resource for them.

In the end the way to make money is not only to state your opinion, but also to indicate that you can help them fulfill it and facilitate delivery. Another angle is to keep sending valuable feedback and can give you suggestions or advice if you consistently provide value.

There are many successful entrepreneurs who know that they do this for many startups and companies online.

The more personal you follow, the better. Now you can not only help provide feedback, but also distribute and receive the product or company.

I have a growing user base of people who want to know which technology I use.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a deal

Turning them into a customer is like creating and demanding a contract. If you comment endlessly and ask for nothing, they will not provide it.

You have to train tough love and instead give ideas to another company. It depends why you are doing this. If you do this for experience and test your theories, then this is enough for you.

If not, give a few rounds of comments and thoughts and then ask for a deal. If that doesn’t work, move to another company. You can do this with multiple companies at once until you sign an exclusive contract within a small vertical.

Landing is a big deal

I have done this as one of my most successful customers. I noticed a problem in their business, what they are doing wrong and how I (the solution) can help.

I just told them in the battle of the important journey, not trying to ask for a solution before telling the problem. Then I put myself into a solution and it worked!

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