Russia furious at the accusation that Skripal suspects killed two in Czech blast

Moscow’s response on Sunday accused the Czech of poisoning a nerve agent in Britain in 2018 by two Russian spies who were behind a Czech ammunition explosion four years earlier. At first, it killed two people.

Prague was expelled by at least 18 Russian diplomats on Saturday, prompting the Russian foreign minister to take the oath of office on Sunday, “destroying the foundations of normal relations between their countries” I was forced to fully understand my responsibility. “

The Czech Republic has said that it is suspected of exploding Russia for NATO and EU allies, and that the EU foreign minister is scheduled to discuss the matter in a meeting on Monday.

The line between Prague and Moscow is the largest since the end of decades of Soviet domination in Eastern Europe in 1989.

This usually increases escalating tensions between Russia and the West, which was raised in 2014 by Russia’s Western Front and Crimea as part of Russia’s military build-up after attacks by forces from Ukraine to Moscow-occupied Crimea and eastern Ukraine is. Government and supporters – Russian Army.

Russia has denied the allegations in a statement released on Friday “similar unfounded allegations about Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

Prague accuses Russia of “trying to please the United States” in the wake of current US sanctions on Russia, “a continuation of a series of anti-Russian actions taken by the Czech Republic in recent years” .

Armed ship

Czech Interior and Acting Secretary of State John Hamarek said investigators believe the explosion would be en route to Bulgaria after the depot left the depot.

Czech police said they were searching for two people, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Poshirov, who traveled to the Czech Republic the day before the explosion.

Those two Russian GRUs are nicknames used by military intelligence officers who were wanted by Britain to poison former Russian spy Sergei Scribal and his daughter and Soviet-Iraqi neuroscientist Novichok. In English in 2018 in Salisbury. Skripal survived, but a member of the public was killed.

The Kremlin has refused to participate in the incident, and the attackers will be in large numbers. Read more

“The police knew about the two men from the beginning, but when Salisbury was attacked they came to know that they were members of GRU, Unit 29155.”

Hamarek told him that Brock would ask for help from Moscow, but that he did not expect to cooperate.

According to police investigators, the Czech weekly magazine Respect reported that the ship was sent to a Bulgarian businessman believed to be delivering Ukraine to the pro-Russian separatist government forces fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Czech etiquette and public radio dubbed him a Bulgarian arms dealer, saying that a Bulgarian lawyer was tried by Russian agents and failed to kill in 2015.

The news website said Syrian rebels could be allocated armed ships.

“Danger and Loss”

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb tweeted that the Czech people had exposed “how long the GRU will take to attempt dangerous and destructive action”.

A NATO official said the coalition would support the Czech Republic in investigating Russia’s “evil actions” as part of a “dangerous behavior” model.

“Those responsible should be brought to justice,” the official said.

Washington also extended its support in Prague.

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions to intimidate Moscow in retaliation, scaring off last year’s US election, cyber hacking, Ukraine and other activities.

On Sunday, US national security adviser Jack Sullivan told Washington that Moscow had “given results” that Alexei Navalny, an anti-activist killed last year after nearly consuming poison, died in Novichok prison. Read more

The 2014 incident reappeared in a difficult time for Prague and Moscow.

The Czech Republic plans to build a new nuclear power plant in the Dugovani complex.

The security services have demanded that Russia exclude Rosatoma as a security threat, while President Milos Zaman and other senior officials are prosecuting Russia.

In a text message, Industry Minister Karel Holisek, who previously wanted to include Russia, told Reuters: “Rosetum Dugovani is unlikely to participate in the expansion.”

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