The Canon Powershot V10 is a quirky alternative to Sony for vlogging

Vlogging cameras have boomed in recent years, with Sony pushing the concept, and the likes of Panasonic and Nikon throwing their hats into the ring. Now Canon has entered the market with a totally different offering, the Canon Powershot V10.

It’s packing what is essentially the same 1-inch sensor as in the Canon Powershot G7 X III from 2019, with 4K/30p and Full HD 60p video recording, plus 20MP JPEG images. But that’s where the similarities end – as indeed do comparisons with most ‘regular’ cameras. What we have here is a unique design concept that will polarize opinion, but one that is unashamedly a vlogging camera. 

Having had some brief hands-on time with the Canon Powershot V10, I’ve found there’s a lot that makes sense in terms of how it operates. It’s a stripped-back and simple experience – this is a camera that’s meant to be ready at the push of a button to make vlog content. Let’s unpack the highlights of the cutesy V10.

Canon Powershot V10 camera on a table with cage and windshield accessories attached

(Image credit: Future)

Price and availability

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